• Krishna Chaitanya Ravuri

Mixed Reality Applications - HoloTour

HoloTour provides the user with an immersive touring experience. It is nothing but a virtual travel. This app gives access to explore the beauty of Rome and Peru.

Melissa is a tour guide who will guide us through the historical facts of the places we see so that we can understand what we are seeing.

HoloTour makes the user feel as if he was really there. This is possible because of the panoramic videos, spatial sound system(we discussed earlier about this) and the holographic scenery view.

The HoloTour is also designed to detect the interest of the user and if you look at something for a very long time then Melissa will offer new details about that thing.

The additional advantage of HoloLens is that, it is untethered. This advantage  makes the user move around the room freely which indeed makes him feel as if he was moving in Rome or Peru🌝.

It is Awesome right!!!!

If you own a HoloLens please don't miss giving it a try!

ref: https://www.microsoft.com/fr-fr/hololens/why-hololens


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