• Krishna Chaitanya Ravuri

Mixed Reality Applications - Fragments

Do you want a thrilling experience in crime scenes?, then try FRAGMENTS (a HoloLens application) 

In Fragments your room is not your room anymore!!!


yes, because it turns your room in to a crime scene!

Fragments is a game in which your room becomes a crime scene and you will be the detective to find out what had actually happened.

You can see holographic characters interacting with you, and they give an experience as if they were really present in front of you!

Firstly the HoloLens scans the entire room. As the story moves on, you will be surprised by detecting clues which may hide behind your furniture in the room. 

This provides an entirely new possibilities in story telling.

It also acts according to the player's gaze and sometimes surprises the player by speaking from behind.

Ref: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/hololens/apps/fragments


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