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Microsoft HoloLens-Introduction,Technical Architecture

Introduction to Microsoft HoloLens

Microsoft HoloLens is a Mixed Reality device which is going to rule the Globe in future👑. It is a smart glasses headset,which is just a windows 10 computer worn on head.

"Microsoft HoloLens is the world's first fully untethered self contained holographic computer."(def.)

It means that it doesn't contain any wires and completely built inside.With HoloLens the user can effectively experience Mixed Reality. HoloLens brings holograms into real world.Holograms are nothing but 3 Dimensional images formed by the interference of light beams from a laser or other coherent light source.With HoloLens holograms are responsive to you in more natural ways like gaze,gesture and voice.This is the main reason which makes HoloLens an amazing device!!!

Technical Architecture of HoloLens


It is the first computers running Mixed Reality Platform under the windows 10 operating system

HPU: As mentioned above that it is a holographic computer. In addition to CPU and GPU HoloLens works with a HPU. HPU means Holographic Processing Unit. It receives information from Inertial Measurement Unit which contains Magnetometer,Gyroscope and Accelerometer and combines this information with head tracking cameras.The head tracking cameras follows the user  and their environment. Hence,the HPU is used to augment the user's visual perspective with holographic 3D projections on its transplant lenses.The processing of gesture and voice data is also handled by HPU.

Sensors: It contains many sensors like the head tracking IMUs, depth camera, RGB 2MP camera,an ambient light sensor,4 Microphones to capture sound,4 greyscale environment cameras to track head,hands and surrounding environment.

Spatial Sound System: It's speakers are located just above the ears.Unlike other sound system,the user can hear the external sound also.

Physical Inputs: It contains only 2 physical inputs-one for the volume and the other for brightness.

Power: It lasts 5.5 hours of regular use and 2.5 hours of intense use


  • Holograms

  • Spatial Mapping:It provides a detailed representation of real world surfaces in the environment around the HoloLens.

  • Spatial Sound

  • Commands: Gaze ,Gesture and Voice.

So,this is all about the introduction and technical architecture of HoloLens in brief. The Mixed Reality applications of HoloLens will be discussed further.

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