• Krishna Chaitanya Ravuri

CAVE Automatic Virtual Environment

CAVE refers to Cave Automatic Virtual Environment. This is one of the Virtual reality display systems. It is just a room in which projectors are directed by atleast 4 walls. The user wears a pair of shutter glasses which are used to track head position and produce 3D stereo vision. These glasses will turn on and off the left eye and right eye image very quickly(100 frames per second). These are synched to the displays so that the images are produced accurately at correct position and time. The head tracking is possible by adding a head tracking device to the glasses. The CAVE systems are meant for only single user. Other users are just passive observers. The user who actually experiences this must wear the shutter glasses with head tracking devices. They can also carry controllers to interact with virtual world.

The CAVE systems are more immersive and they have wider field of view. But they cannot be carried anywhere. They could have very high resolution but for that purpose it will need more complex systems.CAVE systems have a disadvantage of causing simulator sickeness in the user.

This is a single user device - If two users wear shutter glasses and head tracking systems and stand in the cave, then only one of them can be synched to the graphics generated by machine. Both of them could not be tracked at the same time. These systems will occupy space for the set up.

Many universities use CAVE systems in their laboratories for research. The industries use CAVE systems to enhance product development.


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